HD-DVD ups the ante

January 5, 2006

hd-dvdWell 2006 is here and most home theater enthusiasts know what that means, high definition DVD is months, not years away. Ok we all know the basic story here, a format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray is inevitable. HD-DVD’s release has been pushed back to the spring, while Blu-ray is slated for a mid to late summer launch, but something surprising was announce this week at CES in Las Vegas…

Toshiba America Consumer Products announced it’s first two HD-DVD players will ship in March for $500 and $800 respectively, which is much lower than the previously announced $800-$1200. With a announced price as low as $500, it’s conceivable street prices could come in even lower making HD-DVD players a must have item to go along with new HDTV’s. Sony (Blu-ray) on the other hand still expects their players to retail in the neighborhood of $1000 USD.

I’d have to say this was a smart move on Toshibas part, after all in a format war price surely has to play into things even if it’s not the predominate deciding factor. Obviously with the players themselves yet to hit the streets it’s too early to call any winners, but in my opinion Toshiba has pulled out another ace in the hi-def DVD poker game.

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