Free TiVo’s, no really

February 27, 2006

tivoI often see ads for free subscription based products such as Satellite TV and TiVo, but these offers are usually from third party resellers bundling the units with another product/service package and rarely is the receiver/DVR actually free.

Well TiVo is apparently planning on offering their hardware with zero upfront cost in order to lure new subscribers. How does this differ from third party resellers doing the same you ask?

With TiVo cutting out the middlemen on the kickbacks, the zero-up-front offers may actually be just that, zero up font. Whereas before the reseller always had to recoup the initial hardware cost somewhere in the chain.

This is great news if you were considering the addition of a TiVo to your home entertainment system, but I seriously doubt this offer will extend to TiVos’s upcoming HD-DVR’s as it would likely be cost prohibitive. But hey, you never know what’s around the corner in the heavily competitive subscription based DVR market.

Posted by Bryan Greenway | | Filed Under DVR's