High Definition DVD yet again

February 14, 2006

hd-dvdFirst off, a bit of a disclaimer. Back when Voom was going slash not going out of business on a daily basis I made a post almost every time the news ebbed or flowed, so much so that I received a humorous email questioning me as to why I just didn’t rename the site Voom Blog. I don’t remember my exact response to the question, but needless to say I’m sure it was something to the effect of: “I write about what interests me but I assure you its home theater related, even if it’s not your particular cup of tea.”

I bring this up to brace you for the fact that high definition DVD and everything that goes along with it, will become a major focus here at Home Theater Blog in the coming months. In my opinion pre-recorded high definition media is one of, if not the biggest advancement in home theater since the big screen TV.

Many would argue that HDTV itself is the holy grail of home theater, to this I’d be hard pressed to argue but let’s think back to the original idea behind home theater. It was the ability to watch a movie at home, theater style, or rather with the entire big screen, big sound accouterments that come with going out to the Cineplex. But no matter how crystal clear the HD display is, if you can’t watch what you want and when you want in HD, it makes an already passive experience even more so.

Up until this point we’ve had to catch what’s on in HD or be lucky enough to have a HD-DVR, and even then we’re limited to what the networks think is worthy of broadcasting in HD. Sure DVHS offered pre-recorded HD titles, but this was hardly a blip on the HD radar.

Now with Hi-Def DVD nearing release we’ll again have the power to watch what we want, when we want and in high definition to boot. Again in my opinion, this is as important if not more important than HDTV itself, after all HD is the means to an end, not the end itself.

So in closing I guess I wanted to say that I’ve just started scratching the surface of nit- picking the ins and outs of both formats here, but that’s not to say it will be HD DVD 24/7, far from it. Big screens, projectors, and surround sound are still very much part of the big picture.

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