Catch a first run movie, without leaving home

March 1, 2006

IFCWhen I read this story the implications hit me immediately, IFC Entertainment aka The Independent Film Channel has reached an agreement with Comcast to deliver select first run indie films the same day they hit theaters. The titles will be shown via Comcast’s “On-Demand” service for $5.99.

Even if you’re not a big indie film fan this is great news for home theater owners, as the model for big budget major releases is in place, if only the major studios will follow the lead.

Also keep in mind the term “indie film” has been skewed somewhat in the last few years by films that have started out small but went onto box office success, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sideways and a little film called The Passion of the Christ just to name a few.

This is great news in my opinion. Sure some will argue that this may hurt theater owners and it may indeed force some of them to shy away from indie films, but until the major studios adopt this practice I’d have to guess it’ll remain status quo at the local Cineplex.

In my estimation we’re still quite a ways away from catching that big Hollywood blockbuster premiere in the comfort of our living rooms, but IFC and Comcast may have tipped the first domino in that direction.

Posted by Bryan Greenway | | Filed Under Cable TV