I want my IPTV

March 22, 2006

AT&TIn theory, the more sources competing with satellite and cable for our subscription dollars the better, which is why I’m glad IPTV is making headway and will soon be available from several companies. Verizon has already begun to deploy their FiOS (HD)TV in selected areas across the United States and now another well known player is set to enter the fray.

AT&T recently described what the company calls, “its infinite-channel television service”. Hey that little tag-line grabbed my attention right off the bat, “infinite-channel’s” that’s good right? Another little tid-bit thrown out in the announcement is that “it will almost certainly result in lower prices by cable television”. Hey even more good news.

AT&T’s new broadband video service will be phased in over the next several years and has an expected market penetration of 18 million households. Choice is good, we like choice and the promise of lower subscription rates right? I know I do.

I’ve about had it with Comcast forcing me to accept 40 channels that I don’t want, for the five I do want. In addition to the à la carte (or lack thereof) annoyance, my HBO-HD with Comcast is nothing more than a “Channel available shortly” message, but that’s a whole other post.

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