What would you do for an HD plasma?

March 24, 2006

pioneer plasmaHidden Wires reports on the results of a poll conducted by Roper Public Affairs for Pioneer Electronics and the results are pretty humorous. The question was what would you be willing to sacrifice for a new HD plasma television?

“Forty percent of men surveyed said they would endure a 48-hour ‘chick flick’ marathon if it meant they would be rewarded with a HD plasma television.”

“Twenty percent of the men surveyed said they would give up all sports-related activities: watching, playing and reading about their favorite sports and athletic heroes for a new plasma.”

“Thirty-three percent of women would give up chocolate for 12 months in exchange for a high definition plasma television.”

Wow I can’t imagine “enduring” programming or “giving up” something I really enjoyed to get a new television, unless it was free! Is this what married life is like? I’m cringing at the emails I might get on that last comment. Source

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