April 6, 2006

DRMBuzzing around the web yesterday morning I couldn’t help but notice you can now pay to download movies from CinemaNow and Movielink, albeit with a stiff DRM attached and only in standard definition for the unheard of bargain of 20 to 30 dollars! I’m all for convenience (the legal downloading part) but not if it means limiting my playback options to a PC and paying more while I’m at it.

I also noticed that Blockbuster doesn’t appear too worried about this, it would seem as if their not the only ones that realize that the average end user isn’t interested in paying that much of a premium for the ‘convenience’ of not having to return a movie. But that might change if the digital rights management issues that go along with the new services ease up. *may require registration

However I did find something that might give Blockbuster reason to be concerned, specifically the lawsuit filed against them by Netflix. The lawsuit claims that BB infringed on two patents held by Netflix, specifically their rental and return model.

In a day where HDTV technologies grow more and more popular it’s almost amusing to see these companies built around the DVD model clamoring to adjust to the new marketplace.

Much of the posturing and reactionary movements these companies take to defend their rights against illegal downloading seem odd to me, given that fact the sheer size of HD movies are a deterrent to downloading, yet its taken years and years just to get a HD DVD format out to theses same consumers.

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