Calling all arm-chair movie reviewers

May 5, 2006

DVDBeing a Home Theater nut I see a lot of movies, when I say a lot I’m talking enough movies to make Roger Ebert’s head swim. I’ve always wanted to comment on movies here but I felt it would drag the main site off-topic.

I’ve decided to add a new section to Home Theater Blog that covers Movie & DVD reviews and any other movie related news that tickles my fancy. Even with this decision I felt like I was missing something, that something is you.

I want this new endeavor to be a community project rather than just my lone voice. So consider this my call-to-arms for anyone who’s ever wanted to voice their opinion about a movie or DVD, in front of a large audience. One area in particular I want to explore is the image & sound quality of recent DVD releases.

There’s still got quite a bit of work left on the design for the new section and some technical details to work out, but I wanted to get the ball rolling and gauge interest.

We have some really astute regular commenters here and I want to give those readers first dibs on the movie review section. If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer drop me a line at .

We’re live, the site is still being tweaked but head on over to see it in the early stages. Movies @ Home Theater Blog

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