Retrofit wiring solutions: Wiretracks

May 25, 2006

Wire TracksAt the risk of opening the proverbial Pandora’s Box; I want to point out a few rather ingenious ideas for hiding wiring, in post-construction home theater applications.

Wiretracks offers several different product lines to this end but the one that caught my eye was Wiretracks for Crown Molding.

“With WireTracks products, every piece of baseboard molding, chair rail molding, and
door casing in your house or office can conceal a wiring raceway that you can use to
add new technologies at any time in the future.”

The part I think I like the most is the ability to go back and remove the cover molding to add cabling you may have forgotten on the first go-round.

Obviously the Wiretracks solutions price out a littler higher than their standard baseboard, chair rail or crown molding counterparts. But given the fact this allows a higher level of concealment for retro-fit wiring than typical solutions the difference in price may be well worth it.

Some of the other solutions available include Wiretracks New Construction, which allow for pre-construction built-in wire and cable additions and substitutions. As well as Wiretracks Original which takes the Crown Molding solution down to the baseboard.

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