Sony COO: Blu-ray not a slam-dunk

May 11, 2006

Blu-rayHow’s that for a provocative headline? Especially considering the title of the source article is “New Sony COO bullish on Blu-ray”.

While Sony’s new chief operating officer Stan Glasgow is indeed bullish on Blu-ray, (would you really expect otherwise?) he does go on to admit that it’s “not a slam-dunk” that Blu-ray will be an immediate success.

Glasgow cites factors such as high initial prices for Blu-ray products and possible component shortages as other hurdles to overcome, before market dominance is achieved. He acknowledges that the optical disk wars are far from over but ultimately believes the Blu-ray Disc format will emerge as the winner.

It’s refreshing to hear some opinion based in reality from a Sony executive on the subject, rather than the ‘overwhelm them in 12 months’ spiel from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment president, Benjamin Feingold.

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