TiVo to deliver original programming

May 10, 2006

tivoTraditional media channels are being inundated with competition from new sources almost daily. Tivo the long-time king of digital video recording has entered into a partnership with Brightcove Internet-TV. The partnership would reportedly deliver Brightcove’s programming directly to TiVo units with a broadband connection.

A quick glance of Brightcoves video showcase might give us an indication of the type of programming available via the TiVo partnership. Its interesting to see these new forms of content delivery unfold and their potential to reach to entirely new audiences.

I think all of this is a huge boon to home theater enthusiasts. Even if you’re particular tastes and preferences aren’t represented with Brightcoves initial offerings, with the framework in place the possibilities open up exponentially.

I can even see the potential to create custom channels somewhere in all of this. Imagine being able to pick and choose the type of news, movies and music videos you like and having that custom tailored channel assembled for you. This type of service may very well be the future of television.

Posted by Bryan Greenway | | Filed Under DVR's