HDMI 1.3 specification approved

June 13, 2006

HDMIExtremeTech is reporting that the licensing agency responsible for the HDMI specification (HDMI Licensing, LLC) has upgraded the HDMI spec to support 36-bit RGB color as well as Dolby Digital + and DTS-HD decoding over HDMI.

Personally I feel this is a major step forward in the often overlooked area of multi-channel audio. It’s about time we had access to audio playback of the same caliber as the HDTV images in our home theaters. Dolby Digital is an aging, bit-starved audio codec and I welcome its successor (DD+) with open arms.

Yes I know, none of us are particularly excited about the possible introduction of even more incompatibilities into our systems from HDMI/HDCP, but progress isn’t without its pitfalls.

HDMI, LLC’s president of licensing, Leslie Chard mentioned the new HDMI spec “caused a few bugs” in testing with HDCP. And while the thought of more HDMI/HDCP hiccups makes me cringe, I realize that as with any new specification or standard under the constraints of DRM, occasional incompatibilities are par for the course.

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