Phillips BDP9000 Blu-ray player

June 14, 2006

Philips BDP9000Yet another Blu-ray partner is ready to unleash their player on the HD starved masses, Philips recently announced their BDP9000 Blu-ray player. From all appearances the BDP9000 sticks fairly close to the already established $999/1080p/late summer mold.

A few of the BDP9000 features include:

1080p via HDMI
Component video up-conversion to 1080i
Backward compatible with CD and DVD

No real surprises here except the noted “Component video up-conversion to 1080i” I find this a bit odd as most up-converterting DVD players only offer 720p/1080i over DVI or HDMI, typo or truth? I’m leaning toward typo.

The Philips BDP9000 is scheduled for release, third quarter of 2006.

Light update today I know, but I’m feverishly trying to finish up two reviews. Hang in there with me.

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