HDTV Worth Watching

July 13, 2006

dhdAs much as I complain about the selection of HD programming on Comcast and the lack of HD programming in general, every now and then something really exciting comes along. Discovery HD’s ‘Discovery Atlas’ would appear to be just such an event.

Described as the channel’s “most ambitious HD project ever” Discovery Atlas will span 30 episodes with 60 hours of HD footage. The series (hosted by James Spader) “will profile 30 different countries over the next five years”.

The First episode ‘China Revealed’ is scheduled for October 1st at 9 p.m, additional episodes profiling countries such as Italy, Brazil and Australia will air throughout October.

I’ve often thought that HDTV offers the chance to elevate documentaries to new level and as Discovery HD is consistently one of the best looking (at least on my cable system) HD channels available, I’m really looking forward to this one.

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