Microsoft, HD DVD, HDMI and the 360

July 12, 2006

Xbox HD DVDtI couldn’t help but notice the firestorm of speculation over the images of what appears to be an Xbox 360 motherboard, with an HDMI output. To be honest I really didn’t pay it much attention and assumed this was just a design revision, to be included on future 360’s

But then I thought back to the Australian Toshiba executive who stated “I would imagine that there are plans in place to put an HD DVD drive internally in future revisions of the product (Xbox 360)”

Those comments were quickly shot down by Microsoft but this still hasn’t abated one of the questions Xbox 360 owners have asked repeatedly. Would the external Xbox 360 HD DVD drive (scheduled for release later this year) be able to support HDMI?

The logic (if you can call it that) thus far has been that the HD DVD add-on for the 360 would play through the consoles component outputs. Does this recently surfaced, blurry image contradict that assumption?

In all likelihood this photo is (1) fake (2) just an internal test or (3) cost someone their job. If it’s the later then I suppose the speculation could run anywhere from Microsoft is planning a AV360 Media Center/HTPC or their working on some sort of HDMI adaptor for the 360. Or (4) people spend way too much time speculating on what Microsoft is working on.

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