Lite-On announces HD DVD Player

August 29, 2006

Lite-On HD DVDI first heard mention of Lite-On working on a HD DVD (and Blu-ray) player several weeks ago but without firm confirmation or even the vaguest details; I wanted to wait a bit before commenting. For those unfamiliar with the company, Lite-On manufactures DVD-R and OEM DVD drives (among other things) and employs 35,000 people worldwide. Lite-On has even gained a bit of fame for their time shifting HDD/DVD-R recorders of late.

The HD DVD player from Lite-On will be presented at this years IFA Consumer Electronics Show, in Berlin September 1st-6th. The HDP-Z1 HD DVD player handles HD-DVD-ROM, HD-DVD-R(W), DVD-ROM, DVD±R(W), CD-ROM and CD±R(W) media.

Other specifications (including pricing) were scarcely mentioned but I did notice this phrase from the press release “Both formats can accommodate High Definition video content of resolutions up to 1080p”.

Could Lite-On be planning 1080p output for their HD DVD player? It looks like we’ll have to wait until this weekend (at the earliest) for further details. Both the Blu-ray and HD DVD players from Lite-On are expected to ship in the first half of 2007.

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