The High Definition DVD Advertising Blitz

August 24, 2006

Blu-ray HD DVDRecently I ran across an article by Craig Birkmaier over at Broadcast Engineering that really struck a lot of good points. Craig rightfully points out that sports and not movies have proved the killer app (thus far) in convincing consumers that it’s time for a HDTV.

It’s not that the idea of pre-recorded HD movies won’t fly with consumers (in the long run) but the studios and electronics manufacturers have spent the last 10 years proclaiming that DVD offers the best in sight and sound. It’s going to take time to un-do that notion among the masses.

Sports in HD on the other hand is here, now, live, and visceral and outside of a HDTV and a subscription to HD cable or satellite service. They don’t require the purchase of new hardware or replacing existing movie collections.

All of this got me to thinking about the consumer’s acceptance of HD, sports, and the opportunities that both camps have to spread the hi-def DVD gospel. It’s no secret that April and June were soft launches for both HD DVD and Blu-ray respectively, the manufacturers wanted product on the street to get the ball rolling but by no means expected mass acceptance right off the bat.

So given the fact that sports fans own a disproportionate amount of HDTV’s and the fall football season combined with the AL/NL championships that are on their way, I think its reasonable to assume that advertisers are already working on their fall Blu-ray/HD DVD advertising campaigns, to raise awareness for both formats.

I mean hey, why not right? The average HDTV owning sports fan would make a perfect potential candidate for a hi-def video disc player. They have the exposure, the income and most importantly a HD capable display. Prepare to be bombarded by all sorts of clever demonstrations and pitches from both camps on their hi-def disc formats in the upcoming months.

Oh btw, on the absolutely odd-ball chance that neither the BDA or HD DVD promotion group has already thought of this idea, please feel free to contact me for information on where to send the check.

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