CEDIA 2006 Electronic Lifestyles Awards

September 21, 2006

Star Trek Theater

Bit of a quickie update today but I did want to point out the CEDIA 2006 Electronic Lifestyles Awards, which showcases 19 home theaters submitted at the recent CEDIA Expo in Denver. The winners per usual highlight some of the most elaborate custom home theater installations of the last year. The theaters range from the 40k bracket all the way up to the full-blown-custom-jaw-dropping 600k range.

Take particular note of the ‘Star Trek’ themed theater toward the bottom of the page and some of the ultra-clean wire routing from Electronic Systems Consultants, in Aspen Colorado. Details like that really show the time and effort that go into some of these masterpieces.

Additional category winners and photos can be found at CEDIA’s 2006 Industry Recognition – Electronic Lifestyles Awards 2006 page. I’m glad to see that this year CEDIA appointed an independent panel of judges to handle the scoring, in years past dealers voted on other dealers.

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