CEDIA Day 1: 1080p Projectors from Sony, Mitsubishi and Sim2

September 14, 2006

CEDIA 2006While I’m left here toiling away trying to dig up a shred of CEDIA news that hasn’t been press-released, reported on, regurgitated and or just plain beaten to death, (see post below) my good friend Raj Birbal was kind enough to offer his impressions of what he saw on the show floor, this first day of CEDIA Expo in Denver.

In a matter of minutes Raj has gone from a successful custom A/V integrator to un-paid news shill for Home Theater Blog, remind me to buy you lunch when you get back Raj. Anyway getting back to the point here, Raj and I share of a love of front projection so don’t be surprised if the majority of his reports focus (pun) on projectors.

“Just another boring day in Denver……until we saw all the babes at the show… Sorry – we’re talking projectors, right?

Sony Pearl, or as they call it – the 50
Looks good on 100″ screen. Uses UHP lamp instead of Xenon, higher lumens rating
Looks brighter that what I remember of the Ruby. Shipping soon (end of this month I believe)
Inputs on side – could be a negative. Vented on front. Definitely a looker, but honestly it’s hard to say it’s got a better overall image than a good 720p DLP.

The Pearl was displayed on the new Stewart Firehawk SST (Sony/Stewart) screen which is optimized for the Sony SXRD projectors. Will get more info on this from Stewart on Friday.


Mitsubishi HC5000 3LCD 1080p
Looks good on 103″ screen
Very bright – seemed to pop
Very vivid colors, especially reds and blues
Noticed screen-door at about 6 feet
Couldn’t really assess it more because they had source signal issues (satellite recording?) so the image was pixelating every few minutes
Retail $4500

Sim2 HT3000 1080p
looked damn good, but they were showing trailers of upcoming Dreamworks animated movies – almost 3D effect
Not sure of pricing and availability but I believe it’s already shipping at 10k, will find out more tomorrow.

One interesting thing to note about the 1080p DLP’s, apparently the chip is much bigger and thus requires optics with a longer light path. This explains why the 1080p cases are so big.

Tomorrow I’ll take a look at the other guys – apparently there are a couple of 3-chip 1080p Sim2 projectors at the TI DLP booth. I wouldn’t be able to look at the Runco big boy until Sunday morning – that’s when non-dealers are allowed to look at it.”

Thanks Raj, now go enjoy the rest of your evening.

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