CEDIA Day 2: 1080p Projectors, Plasma’s, LCD’s & More

September 15, 2006

CEDIA 2006Picking up where we left off yesterday, Raj updates us on what he saw today on the floor at CEDIA Expo 2006 in Denver. So without further rambling on my end here we go:

projectiondesign – probably the best projector I’ve seen at the show so far; amazing detail, black level and color accuracy. The Action! model three 1080 projector uses dual lamps, dual 7-segment color wheels & light formatters, and 0.95″ DC3 DMD. The package includes an outboard Crystalio II advanced video processor, using Gennum’s VXP technology. Retail is around $25k.

Planar – Most impressive lineup of new front projectors at CEDIA. Seven DLP projectors planned over the next few months, with at least one due out in October.
480p at $1,299 and four 720p models starting at $1,999.

PD7130 – First model to be released on October. Featured on Planar’s 80″ XScreen; very impressive with plenty of ambient light and not too much increased brightness with lights off. Uses 0.65″ DC3 DMD & Pixelworks DNX processing, and includes lens shift; rated at 900 lumens, 4500:1 contrast ratio & 29db noise level. Est. retail at $3,999. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

PD8110 – 1080p prototype showed on traditional screen; amazing image reproduction from HD-DVD player – vivid colors and very fluid motion. Uses 0.95″ DC3 DMD & Silicon Optics processing, and includes lens shift; rated at 1200 lumens and 8000:1 contrast ratio. Estimated retail at $8,999.

InFocus – very impressive new IN78EX projector is expected out in October at $4,499. Uses 0.65″ DC3 DMD; rated at 1000 lumens and 3500:1 contrast ratio. Their 1080p models are planned for Q1 2007.

Other impressions from day 2:
•Flat-Panel displays are bigger and badder

Fujitsu 65″ 1080p plasma

Sharp 65″ 1080p LCD

Samsung continues their ground-breaking trend with new rear-projection DLP’s, new 46″ slimline TV at 10″ depth, new LED-based TV with stunning picture – no color wheel or traditional light engine


•Plenty of theater seating, A/V furniture, lighting controls and acoustic treatment
•One rather innovative bedroom TV lift from Activated Decor – LCD lift that slides the TV out from under the bed and brings it up to the desired viewing height

•New HD TiVo dual tuner – includes two CableCard slots. We just need to find cable companies that are still supporting cable cards. Retails for $799 with $12.95 monthly fee. Can play music and view photos from networked computers; also allows for online access to schedule recordings.

•Interesting CRT vs. SXRD Sony-on-Sony side-by-side front projector demo – Sony’s Ruby squared off admirably against its hefty G90 uncle. While the color accuracy and black level on the SXRD was no match for the CRT, the overall quality was not far off. The G90’s image seemed a bit less detailed but that issue was explained to be caused by the analog RGB source signal feeding the CRT

Kaleidescape announced (and showed) their new entry-level DVD distribution system, consisting of 1U server, player w/ disc drive & software license for video control. Retails at 10k with two 250-Gb drives (only 250-Gb capacity since they’re doing RAID). You can populate it with four 750-Gb drives (335 DVDs) instead for $14k. It also comes preloaded with some HD clips – they’re now trying to figure out how to get user HD content onto their server.

Speakercraft showed some new angled in-ceilings. The speaker sits flat in the bezel, then swivels down to the desired angle, and can be rotated if necessary, all by remote control.

Tomorrow I plan on seeing 3-chip 1080p projectors from Digital Projection and Runco.

Thanks again Raj!

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