Faulty Logic with Dual-Format Discs

September 20, 2006

Blu-ray HD DVDI can’t help but think the news reports of Warner Brothers filing a patent for a dual-format Blu-ray – HD DVD disc, or “multilayer dual optical disk” as its referred to in the patent, missed the big picture.(pun) Dual format discs won’t solve the format war.

The very notion the existence of a dual-format disc will magically sway the studios to release on the other format, really misses the point in my opinion. We’re strapped with a format war not because a viable dual-format disc wasn’t available when the lines were drawn, but because those lines were drawn in the first place.

If anything dual-format players (not discs) would come closer to solving the problem but I don’t expect to see those anytime soon, first they’re cost prohibitive and secondly they negate much of Blu-ray’s perceived advantage of greater manufacturer support. One or two dual-format players would equate to the same amount of hardware support HD DVD has (currently) and I just don’t see the BDA offering up that alternative for consumers.

I would assume the HD DVD camp would be more inclined to license a dual format player, granted that’s an assumption on my part but they would seem to gain more as HD DVD’s are less expensive to produce. So at the end of the day as I pointed out here, from a technological standpoint the dual-format discs are intriguing but I don’t feel they’ll solve the inherit problem of studio support.

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