Proton to Re-enter the North American Display Market

September 13, 2006

Proton PuritiBack in my retail days throughout the early to mid nineties, we carried several premium CRT display lines that may or may not ring any bells, as all three moved onto core interests or got out of the display market altogether. We carried everything from the awesome little NAD CRT monitors, to Sharp’s Optima (not to be confused with Optoma or Optimus) line and several CRT’s from Proton.

Those Proton sets were consistently some of the best looking displays we auditioned for our customers, which is why I’m happy to see the line reintroduced into the North American market. Proton will introduce two LCD’s at this years CEDIA expo in Denver Colorado, the 42” ‘Puriti’ series LCD from Proton features a resolution of 1366 x 768, NTSC/ATSC tuner, a bevy of input options and 3:2 pull-down detection.

The 47” display from Proton’s ‘Puriti’ line features 1920×1080 resolution and a 800:1 contrast ratio in addition to the 42” model’s features. The 42” Puriti will retail for $2,499 while the 47” model will go for $3,999. Obviously these displays are geared toward videophile’s looking for something above the fold from the everyday display, and if Proton’s earlier offerings are any indication to these newer models, expect exactly that.

As a side note: Proton recently won a settlement against a Chinese manufacturer marketing displays under the “Prtotron” name. The “Protron” displays were sold at retailers such as Long’s Drug Stores, Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears, H.H. Gregg and Walgreen’s. These products had absolutely nothing to do with the ‘Proton’ brand, so score one for the consumer on this one. This reminds me of those “Alphine” CD head-units from years ago, humorous but misleading nonetheless.

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