Good Morning Sim2

October 24, 2006

Sim2 HT5000Earlier today a co-worker and I attended a demonstration of Sim2’s 3-chip, 1080p HT5000 projector; the 1-chip, 1080p HT3000; and their 3-chip, 720p Grand Cinema C3X LITE. Given the unfamiliar nature of the demonstration I’d be hard pressed to make any conclusions based on what we saw, but I did want to share a few general observations.

The 3-chip 1080p HT5000 was hands down one of, if not the most, impressive projector I’ve ever viewed. This behemoth of a projector is easily as big as some of the large CRT projectors of days gone by. Aside from its gargantuan size it threw out one heck of an impressive image, but more importantly than that it was bright, not just bright in the general sense but bright like I’ve never seen from a projector.

At one point during the demonstration, the Sim2 rep activated the screen-blank (white field) and the entire room lit up as if someone had flicked on the overhead lights. Unfortunately the relatively short throw distance combined with the small screen size of 110”, the projector was too bright. Yes, too bright. This was just a cursory demonstration so this isn’t meant as a knock toward the HT5000 at all, but man we could have used a neutral density filter and a negative gain screen and the image would easily have been bright enough.

The HT5000 is still being finalized for shipment sometime later this year and based on the HD DVD content we saw, it will no doubt be among the crème de crème of DLP front projectors. The price you ask? Ah you didn’t think 3, 1080p DLP chips and 4500+ (yes 4500+) lumen’s would come cheap did you? We were told the HT5000 will retail for between $44-49k. Yeah we’re not quite to the point of 3-chip 1080p for the masses quite yet, but I for one can’t wait until they are.

From there we moved into the next demonstration room and viewed the 1-chip, 1080p Sim2 Grand Cinema HT3000. Again we were very impressed, but given what we’d just witnessed with the HT5000, I found myself wishing we’d done the demonstration in the reverse order. The Grand Cinema HT3000 ($15,995) was bright, detailed and quite impressive with ‘The Last Samurai’ on HD DVD but we were still picking our jaws up off the floor from the HT5000 demonstration.

Next up was the Sim2 Grand Cinema C3X LITE, 3-chip, 720p projector. I have to tell you, 3-chip 720p projectors are really, really impressive. I can’t say if it’s that 720p chips matured exponentially or the engineers have figured out how to squeeze every last ounce of performance from them, but they consistently wow me. Much like the InFocus 3-chip SP777, the Grand Cinema C3X LITE ($15,990) just pumps out lush, vivid, dynamic color without breaking a sweat. All in all our time spent with the Sim2 crew was quite an eye opener (bad pun) and we were really bowled over by what we saw.

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