Marantz VP4001 DLP Projector

October 23, 2006

Marantz VP4001Quick update on a new 1280×768 projector I ran across from Marantz. The VP4001 occupies a price point ($4099.99) held by several other popular projector models but seems to offer slightly better specifications; with a 6500:1 contrast ratio and 1200 ANSI lumens. A quick glance at other DLP projectors in this price range reveals that the VP4001 offers a bit more light output than typically found in the 4k to 5k range.

Detailed specifications of the Marantz VP4001:
•Native 1280×768 Resolution
•720p Darkchip3 DLP from Texas Instruments
•Brightness – 1200 ANSI Lumen
•6500: 1 Contrast Ratio
• 5x Speed 6 Segment Color Wheel
•10-bit Video Processing
•ISF CCC (Certified Calibration Control)
•3 Position Selectable Iris
•Inputs for HDMI, DVI, Component Video (x2), S-Video and Composite Video
•Electronic Vertical Image Shift
•Panel Size – 0.65″
•Projection Size – 40″ – 300″
•Optics – Marantz Custom

Of all the features mentioned in the above specification list, the one I was most surprised and pleased to see was the Marantz custom optics, for a projector in this price range that feature alone could very well separate it from the rest of the pack. One of the things I noticed during my Marantz VP 12S4 review was how sharp, smooth and uniform the video was, much of this was directly attributable to the ‘Marantz’ Konica/Minolta optics.

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