Comcast HDTV Additions

December 14, 2006

ComcastGood news for Comcast HD subscribers, it looks like we will be getting 2, even possibly 4, new HD channels, in the coming months. According to this post over at AVS Forum National Geographic HD and A&E HD are slowly being added to the Comcast HD repertoire, with cities such as Detroit and Boston being the first markets to receive the newly added HD channels.

Maybe watching crime dramas, reality shows with mullet wearing bounty hunters chasing people who’ve hit rock bottom, or even documentaries regarding the Sahara in HD aren’t your thing, but this might be. According to this thread at Satellite Guys dating all the way back to June, HDNet and Comcast are in discussions to bring both HDNet and HDNet movies to Comcast’s channel line-up.

Now Nat-Geo in HD, HDnet and HDNet movies is a trifecta I can get behind. Only problem is my Comcast system hasn’t even added the Nat-Geo, A&E offerings yet and of course the HDNet rumors remain just that, rumors. Ah well hopefully between HD DVD and the pittance of HD channels Comcast already offers, the wait won’t seem so long.

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