Interesting Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Comparison

December 31, 2006

Blu-ray and HD DVDTek Jansen of Games Central has posted an interesting screen-shot and interactivity comparison of Blu-ray and HD DVD. Tek has grabbed screen captures from several different titles that are available on both formats. The results surprised me somewhat; not in that one was perceivably better/different than the other but in how they were different.

For example; take the bottom two screen-caps, can you tell which is which? A couple of things I noticed; one shot is a bit over saturated and dark, which has the effect of obscuring detai and altering the color palette

Mission Impossible Blu-ray HD DVD Comparasion

Read Tek Jansen’s PS3 Blu Ray vs Xbox 360 HD DVD vs DVD to find out which shot is Blu-ray and which is HD DVD.

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  • Mattias Ohlson

    This comparison was severly critisized at avsforum for total lack of a scientific approach. The reviewer is not without bias as is this page. The two formats are almost identical. Early BDs were bad and that is were BD is getting the bad rep from. Current and future releases will be just fine. Also sometimes people don´t like the look of the film but that was the artistic expression by the director.