Not Enough Hours in the day

February 8, 2007

Mitsubishi HC5000

Just wanted to check in to say that I’m toiling away on a few reviews, so think of this as a post about an up-coming post… First up will be a review of Carada’s Precesion Series Projection Screens followed shortly (hopefully) thereafter by a review of the Mitsubishi HC5000 1080p projector. Yeah it took me nearly six months to procure one but in this case late was definitely better than never.

While I get back to finalizing those reviews I want to leave you with a few thoughts to ponder, (think HTPC’s for a tie-in to Home Theater in general) at what point do we lose control over the types of files we can and can’t playback through our own computers? When/will we say enough is enough to DRM proponents? Saddling otherwise honest consumers with protection schemes targeted at the dishonest has gotten out of control, go after the pirates not your customers.

Steve Jobs seems to have the right idea here even if his motives might not be fully evident. After all Apple didn’t exactly shy away from ensuring (or trying to) that OS X couldn’t be installed on generic wintel PC’s but either way, when do we say enough already?

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