JVC DLA-HD1 – 1080p – Front Projector

April 16, 2007


Three strikes you’re out, twos company; three’s a crowd, the trifecta; I’ve thought of half a dozen cheesy one-liners to open this up with but none of them rang true. Clichés aside I’ve now viewed three of the top (1080p) home theater projectors on the market, the Sony VPL-VW50 (Pearl), the Mitsubishi HC5000 and last but certainly not least the JVC DLA-HD1 (DLA-RS1). I’ll get into the differences between the HD1 and RS1; minor as they may be during the full review.

I’ll give you a hint to my opinion of the HD1 now though, I alluded to a certain what-if scenario toward the end of my HC5000 review, ok alluded to is a bit of an overstatement but if you read between the lines you may get a feel for what I was looking for and ultimately found with one of the three projectors. I wish my schedule permitted a quick turn-around on this review as I’m almost as excited to share my thoughts with you; as I am about getting more time in with the DLA-HD1, almost…

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