1080p Projector from InFocus on the Way

May 8, 2007

InFocus ProjectorThis isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned a 1080p projector from InFocus nor will it be the last, but it does appear as if InFocus is prepping their long awaited entry into the 1080p front projection field. One rather astute AVS Forum member noticed an up-coming dealer training session at AVAD Northeast, (Custom installer; electronics distributor) that mentions the long awaited projector.

While the line: “See live demo of the IN78 and IN82 (InFocus first native 1080P projector.)” obviously doesn’t spell out any specifics, it does offer the closest thing to an official confirmation as we’ve seen. Here’s what I do know about the projector (know italicized to illustrate that this is second hand information, albeit reasonably reliable second hand information) the IN82 will be (of course) DLP based, single chip to be exact, it will be bright, at least on the order of 1k plus lumens, housed in a case similar to the rest of the IN** line and will retail just south of 10k.

That last part (retail pricing) is actually where I’m most unsure, I’ve heard rumors of between 6 and 9k but that’s obviously a large range, if I had to guess I’d say closer to 8k than 6. Of course we’ll keep a close eye on this one (pun) and update with any further specifics as they become available.

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