CEDIA 2007: Day One

September 7, 2007

CEDIA 2007

What a day, we must have walked 20 miles (ok it felt like it anyway) and we’ve still just scratched the surface of everything to see at CEDIA 2007. We started off the day at the Sony booth, caught a quick look at the VPL-VW60 ($4995) and it looked quite nice. The Sony rep in the VW60 demo area indicated the 60 replaces the 50 (Pearl) and that it has built-in 2:35.1 vertical stretch and has a contrast ratio of 35K:1 (auto iris engaged). The VW60 is also a bit brighter than the VPL-VW50 and overall it seemed like a very nice upgrade to the VW50.

Sony VW60

I also caught a quick demonstration of Sony’s HES-V1000 Media Server/ 200 disc Blu-ray player but couldn’t help overhear the monolith described with terms like future platform, launch ideas off of and “beta”. I got the distinct feeling that we’ll see other BD changers and or BD/media servers in the future from Sony.

Sony BD Changer

From there we made our way over to Mitsubishi’s booth in hopes of catching a glimpse of the HC6000 and for better or worse (worse really) that’s just what we got, a glimpse. The projector was there, however Mitsubishi’s booth just really wasn’t the place to form any sort of definitive opinion. Reps indicated the projector would retail for $3999, sport a 13k:1 contrast ratio, come equipped with a HQV processor and HDMI 1.3 inputs. The projector should be available in November.

LG HD/BD Player

A visit to LG’s booth found the BH200 (LG’s second combo player) playing on a largish LCD and looking quite nice, this wasn’t the surprising part however, the LG rep stated that they anticipated that the BH200 could be firmware updated to full BD-Live profile 2.0 functionality as the player already has a secondary video decoder and 1GB of persistent storage.

Kuro Plasma's

Just a couple of words about Pioneer’s Kuro line of plasma televisions, believe the hype; they really are capable of super deep – dark blacks. The Kuro’s look like black-holes hanging on the booth walls, sucking all nearby light directly into them never to be seen again. These displays are must-sees if you’re in the market for a new plasma.


Texas Instruments was showing off their 3D DLP display system which consisted of what I assumed was a standard; modified rear projection DLP paired with 3D glasses. The effect wasn’t bad at all, it certainly had depth but not that “jump out at you” 3D of years gone by. We saw a few minutes of a HD/3D clip of Star Wars (which looked quite nice) but I still find myself getting a headache a few minutes into the demonstration. (note I’m quite prone to these “3D” headaches and shouldn’t be taken as a normal reaction to the 3D DLP presentation.

Lastly before running off to the HQV and JVC parties where we saw a 20 foot (plus?) wide Digital Projection/HQV/Stweart demo that was absolutely unforgettable and the jaw dropping JVC 4k projector. We caught the JVC HD100 demo which looked fantastic. The HD100 will retail for 8-9k, sport a 30k:1 contrast ratio, internal support for 2:35.1 vertical scaling and motorized zoom and focus. Phew and all that was just day one, stay tuned.

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