CEDIA 2007: Day Two

September 8, 2007

Stewart Starglas

Day two and I’m still chugging along seeing new demos both on the show floor and off-site in private suites. While I obviously can’t talk about the later, the show floor continues to wow. Stewart Filmscreen showed a “projection glass” they call Starglas, but whatever name it goes by the demo Stewart gave was a crowd pleaser. As demonstrated, the Starglas popped up at the end of a bed and was illuminated from behind with a projector. Starglas is said to retail for $200 per square foot.

Sim2 1080p

The next demo that really impressed us was Sim2’s 1080p 3-Chip DLP. The image was just gorgeous, unfortunately (for me at least) the projector was priced way, way out of my league at 30k… luckily there were plenty of other projectors on this side of sanity. One in particular that also really impressed us was Marantz’s VP-15S1, and at 10k it’s half the cost of last years VP-11S1. The demo we saw was a short clip of ‘Cars’ in 1080i on a super wide 2.35:1 screen; everyone in the room seemed to be as bowled over by the demo as we were.

HD DVD Transformers

I got a kick out of some clever cross marketing between HD DVD and one of this falls most anticipated home video releases, ‘Transformers’. As you can see above Optimus Prime was parked right beside the HD DVD promotional truck, right alongside a banner promoting the titles release on HD DVD later this year. One last thing we saw toward the end of the day was an off-site demonstration of Pioneer’s new Kuro line of plasma’s. We saw a 50” Pioneer Kuro side by side with a 50″ Panasonic (TH-50PZ750 I believe) and a Sony 46” XBR LCD.

I could ramble on and try to put what we were seeing into polite, descriptive terms but saying the Kuro absolutely destroyed the other two panels would be a hell of a lot more accurate. We knew the black level was going to be quite a bit better but until we saw the Kuro side by side with other panels we had no idea there would be that big of a difference. That wasn’t the only area the Kuro shined however, it’s video processing was clearly superior as well.

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