CEDIA 2007: My Best of Show

September 14, 2007

CEDIANow that I’ve had a few days to decompress, get a solid home-cooked meal, and think about what I saw at the show, I wanted to share my top five (or so) picks for the best products and demonstrations of CEDIA 2007. Now these picks are just my off-the-cuff observations of what I enjoyed the most at this years show and shouldn’t be taken as anything more, but I did want to share them with you nonetheless.

First off and this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who regularly attends CEDIA or InfoComm, but Digital Projection yet again delivered the biggest, brightest and certainly the most noticeable images on the show-floor, but more specifically off-site as well. HQV’s exhibit at a nearby ballroom featured Digital Projection’s Lighting Pro Series II projector (22k Lumens – 1080p) projecting on to a 22’+ screen. It was easily the center piece of the event and as far as large screen (truly large screen) displays go, was only outdone by JVC’s 4k demonstration around the corner at another venue nestled inside the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Savant Systems ROSIE: Sometimes a product (system) comes along that just catches everyone by surprise. Kaleidescape comes to mind and while I don’t consider ROSIE by Savant Systems to be as important to the A/V industry this year as Kaleidescape was in 2003, ROSIE and products like it will change the way we interface with consumer electronics. That my friends will remain with us much longer than any one format or formats.

Sim2’s 3-chip, 1080p DLP projector was hands down the best video I saw at CEDIA 2007. Now I’m admittedly a big DLP fan but I saw a room full of ear-to-ear grins during Sim2’s demonstration. It was bright, colorful and detailed, or in other words just about everything I look for in a projector, now if I could just look in my wallet and find 30k I’d be good to go.

2.35:1, constant height, cinemascope screens (or whatever else you want to call them) were everywhere. I have to admit, heck I’m not even afraid to admit, I had no idea constant height front projection would make such a big splash at this years CEDIA but it only took a couple of strolls around the show floor to see first hand. These screens/systems are no brainers once you see one in person and get to appreciate the difference they make over a letterboxed 16:9 presentation.

Heck they (2.35:1 systems) made such a good impression on us we met with the various anamorphic lens manufacturers and decided on a system to install in our showroom before we even headed back to the airport. Now, I’ll readily admit these systems aren’t for every one and they may never crack the “mainstream” but I know one surefire clue that would be the tell-tale sign constant height screens are truly ready for primetime, look to the plasma/LCD manufacturers; if they jump its on.

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