90k HD DVD Players Sold in 72 Hours

November 7, 2007

HD DVDIn case the headline alone didn’t strike you as impressive, that’s roughly as many BDP-S300’s (the best selling standalone Blu-ray player to date) Sony has sold since they launched the player back in July. People can argue all they want as to whether “price matters” or “content is king” but it’s pretty apparent that sales still move boxes (even in the hi-def disc world) and plenty of them.

My take on the $99 HD-A2 blitz is this: a good chunk of those people already wanted a player and the sale was enough to push them over the edge. With Paramount in HD DVD’s corner now, the “content is king” argument is starting to have a different ring to it. If you want all the HD content, your option to add HD DVD playback just got a lot cheaper. (Note: I’m expecting to see the HD-A3 drop in price as well, possibly splitting the difference at $150)

I’m not sure what last weeks sale will mean to high definition media in the long run, but the bar has been set and it wasn’t Sony, Panasonic, or Pioneer setting it, which obviously presents a challenge to the BDA and even Toshiba as well. They (Toshiba) have to maintain this momentum and in the minds of many consumers, the price of a HD DVD player remains $99 whether Toshiba wants to go that route again or not.

Speaking of Paramount and Dreamworks: Seen these? First, Second. Funny stuff, I especially like Donkey’s commercial.

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