Financing Home Theaters Part Deux

February 21, 2008

homeWay back in August of 2004 (that seems like an eternity ago) I wrote about financing home theaters, at the time the focus of the post was on rolling home theaters into the mortgage price which if I remember correctly was a pretty fair rate at the time. I’m not sure where they’ll go from here (up would be my first guess) but what I wanted to do today was shift from rolling home theaters into mortgages to some financing offers the rest of us (already in a home) can appreciate.

Listen it’s no secret luxury items are the first to take a hit when an economy softens. We’ve seen it and so has everyone else we’ve talked to, but as you might expect in any market downturn there are bargains to be had and those bargains extend not only the products themselves but financing options as well. Right now I’m seeing offers like no payments until July 2008 and no interest if paid by July 2008 and another program that offers no interest if paid by January 2009.

My reason for bringing this up is twofold, not only are there some great financing offers running right now (I’m seeing some really good offers from GE finance – also known as GECAF) but there are custom home theater specialists across the country just chomping at the bit to move some inventory and more importantly move past this temporary “correction”. There, now I too have done my bit for the economy and Uncle Sam. Wait, I’m not actually selling you anything, hey be sure and tell your home theater dealer where to send my commission check.

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