Formats: The Other Shoe Drops, Both of Them

February 13, 2008

Blu-ray & HD DVDA few weeks ago I mentioned waiting for the other shoe to drop with regard to Warner Brothers announcing their exclusive support of Blu-ray. Well it dropped, both of them to be exact. Best Buy was up to bat first with their announcement that the company would recommend consumers choose “Sony Corp’s” Blu-ray high-definition video format over Toshiba’s HD DVD format. In retrospect this really didn’t come as a huge shock but perhaps a bit sooner than many of us were expecting. That wouldn’t be the only blow for Toshiba this week however.

Later that same day Netflix announced that it would begin phasing out HD DVD by not adding any new HD DVD titles to the company’s catalog, and by year’s end, the complete removal of all HD DVD titles from their rental system. Folks in my estimation, that’s it for HD DVD. Blockbuster already announced their intention to support Blu-ray only, now Netflix follows in kind and we have one of the biggest electronic retailers (Best Buy) in the country focusing their attention on Blu-ray.

The HD DVD folks gave it a good run, a hell of a good run actually but it’s getting hard to find a friendly port in this storm of indifference. Perhaps now since the “war” is winding down that indifference will cool and Blu-ray can carry the torch the rest of the way. I hope the BDA has their best sneakers on however, because it’s going to be one heck of a long run before high definition media even makes a dent in DVD sales.

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