Home Theater Blog 2.0

March 27, 2008

hooray.jpgOk 1.5 but who’s counting. In case you were wondering why something seemed a little different around here today, we’ve overhauled the site a bit. Long (really long) story short I was using a content management system I’d grown tired of on a webhost I could no longer tolerate. It may not look like a drastic change but what you see is really the only thing left of the old site, the under-pinning’s are new from the ground up, and I plan to put the new features to good use. The overhaul isn’t the only new thing you’ll be seeing here…

Before I forget I want to mention some of the people who helped with the spring cleaning, first I’d like to thank Joseph Schrand of Render Reality (you’ll be hearing more of him) for the sites new header. To make a really long and really boring story short, Joe completely recreated the theater you see in the header from scratch! Yeah who knew I’d need anything that wider than 800 pixels way back in 2004, apparently not me.

I’d also like to thank James Mathias of One Lotus Creative for the kick-arse site tweaks and improvements yours truly couldn’t live without. Both James and Joseph managed to not only put up with me long enough to see this through but delivered better results than I was expecting and I was expecting a lot, that’s really saying something in this day of shortcuts and good enough’s. Both of these guys are grade A professionals in my book and I wouldn’t hesitate a nanosecond to call on them again for help.

Next month marks four years since we launched and I have even bigger goals for next four. As always thanks for your continued readership, I don’t mention it as much as I should but without you this is all bits of data in a folder on some server out in the middle of nowhere (ok I think it’s on the west coast now but you know what I mean). About the inevitable bugs… I know of a hundred or so that need to be shaken out, but if you see something really heinous feel free to drop me a line here, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for listening to me ramble; now back to your regularly scheduled home theater programming.

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