Home Theater Revenue to Nearly Double by 2012

March 5, 2008

Around the office we’ll occasionally joke that there are more people doing home theater than buying home theater. And while it feels true (at least in our neck of the woods) it was encouraging to see some hard data that backs-up something I’ve suspected for quite some time, home theater is still a growth market.

According to Parks Associates the increased adoption of residential network products will drive down the associated costs of multi-room audio and home theaters systems, as a result we’ll continue to see increased growth in the home theater market to the tune of nearly doubling total revenues by 2012. Perhaps I’ll hold off on that application to Sbarro’s just a weeeee bit longer.

“The high-end A/V market is in a major stage of transition,” said Bill Ablondi, Director, Home Systems Research, Parks Associates. Digital content is approaching the performance and quality of analog media, with the added flexibility only digital content offers. Reduced costs coupled with advancements in wireless and powerline networking technologies are also growing the retrofit portion of the market, at a time when mid-market construction is slowing down.”

So, all kidding aside it’s clear that my market (the home theater market) will continue to see shifts away from legacy media systems/technologies and continue to move toward local digital distribution. These systems may come in form of control and automation systems with digital audio/video distribution capabilities and or IP based home network distribution systems. I’m so glad I paid attention in computer class.

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