Mitsubishi Dates Launch for Laser TV

April 7, 2008

mits laser tvThis May will mark the month a new consumer display technology hits the market and along with it a slew of “frickin’ laser” jokes. Branded as LaserVue, (I can feel a laser joke bubbling up as we speak) the displays obviously have Mitsubishi’s executives very excited.

Max Wasinger, senior vice president of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America stated: “We are the first in the world to debut LaserVue technology. We are just finishing up two days of dealer meetings and LaserVue TV will absolutely be the future of TV; it’s a true dimensional experience.”

Mitsubishi’s director of product development, David Naranjo expanded with: “LaserVue will offer the viewer twice the amount of color than other displays on the market today. The reds are so vivid, they have to be seen to be believed. When we did our average consumer comparison testing one of the comment’s I heard was, “Oh my god, the color is so pure.” Also with our commitment to energy savings, LaserVue displays will use half the power of other comparable displays with the same screen sizes on the market today; we really are comparing apples to apples.”

There are some big claims in those statements and not having seen one of the laser displays (well, at least I don’t remember seeing one at CEDIA last year) its hard for me to quantify them. It’s my understanding that the laser apparatus itself is in large part responsible for the purer colors and clarity. We’ll see, rather, hopefully I’ll see sometime in May.

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