Pioneer Announces Kuro Projector

April 26, 2008


That’s right, Pioneer announced a projector at the High End show in Munich Germany, one that will proudly wear the Kuro badge to boot but all isn’t as it would appear on the surface. The Kuro KRF-9000FD projector features LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) display technology, a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and will no doubt do justice to the black level we’ve come to expect from Kuro products.

In addition the KRF-9000FD sports a 2x motorized zoom lens, lens shift with 80% vertical/34% horizontal motorized adjustments, and the ability to display 1920×1080 pixel progressive video at sizes up to 14.5’ by 8’. Other options include 2 HDMI ports, one each for component, composite and S-Video cables, and a RS-232C jack.

But once we delve a little deeper under the hood, wait a minute who am I kidding, anyone looking at the picture can see it’s a rebadged JVC RS2 or DLA-HD100. I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Pioneer would build on JVC’s already impressive work with their projectors. On the other hand however it does come off a bit odd that a company with one of the hottest prestige labels in flat-panels would use someone else’s chassis to leverage that same brand power with a projector

Listen, there’s no real harm in Pioneer using JVC’s innards to power their new Kuro projectors. In all honesty it does make sense, why re-invent the wheel if a perfectly round and reliable wheel is laying there on the shelf beckoning you to use it. Pioneer’s new Kuro projector will be available in Europe by May, for about $12,000. No launch date for the US has been announced. Via: Lots of places.

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