Attend a Home Theater Meet

June 16, 2008

That’s right, I’m recommending that you call up complete strangers, ask to come to their home/meeting place and discuss your hobby’s with them. No I do not recommend you tell anyone your dating that you do this sort of thing, wait until you’re married… seriously though home theater meets, meetings, gatherings or whatever you choose to call them are a great way to meet likeminded home theater fans and to get a look at home theater equipment, operating in real-world settings before you plunk down hard earned dollars to purchase it.

But even more important than the benefit of seeing live demonstrations, A/B comparisons and taking part in question and answer sessions at a home theater meet; is the ability to share experiences, compare notes and learn a lot from others, firsthand, face to face. That kind of insight is worth its weight in gold if you’re close to making a purchase and just need that last little nudge to put you over the edge one way or another.

Several months ago we had just such a meet at the store, it was a no hassle, no sales pressure event and I learned as much as anyone in attendance. That’s the great part about these things, no matter how set in your ways you are or how much research you think you’ve done, you’ll often find a fresh new approach to tackle an old problem. With that you’ll also get new ideas and the experience of others that can take your home theater experience to levels you never thought possible.

There are many ways to find home theater meets in your area, the easiest is to visit home theater and audio video forums such as and and do a search for “home theater meet”. Likewise that same search (“home theater meet“) in Google will point you in the right direction as well. Have a blast and don’t forget to ask the host if they’d like you to bring any refreshments, it’s bound to be a long afternoon.

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  • Please check out our web site for information on our ongoing consumer home theater seminar program.

  • Please check out our web site for information on our ongoing consumer home theater seminar program.