Dolby’s Home Theater Buying Guide

June 13, 2008

dolbydolbyI’ve always been a bit leery of “buying guides” as they generally only exist to push specific products or a specific selection of products. But I suppose you could do a lot worse than taking some advice from Dolby Labs, after all they probably already have IP in your home, all they could to do is expand on that.

Dolby’s HD Essentials buying guide offers a nice mix of tips, facts and terminology to help the uninitiated (read not you) make a more informed buying decision. Scanning through the document I noticed things like screen size recommendations, how to avoid cable clutter, tips for getting the best sound reproduction possible (no shocker there) and a “HD shopping checklist”.

I suspect this wouldn’t be of much help to long time readers but for those of you just getting into home theater and or as something to share with relatives just starting down the big screen, big sound path this might be worth printing out and passing along. Download the PDF: right click save as.

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