CEDIA 2008

September 6, 2008

With CEDIA 2008 winding down, it’s time for a quick summary of some of the notable introductions from this year’s show. So in no particular order whatsoever, here are the highlights. 3D is coming and there’s absolutely nothing you or I can do about it. These three-dimensional dregs are hell bent on making sure none of us escape the clutches of 3D. Here’s the good news though, it’s getting better and better all the time and some companies are finally making real progress on 3D without the glasses.

Tru2Way made a relatively big splash with Panasonic demoing a “the first fully working Tru2Way TV” that according to Tru2Way proponents will “do away with cable boxes forever”. Now I’d be as happy as the next guy if that claim were to come true, but with the promise of (one-way) cable cards still fresh in my mind; I hope no one will think poorly of me while waiting for some proof to go with this wireless pudding.

The iPhone was large and in charge at this year’s CEDIA with at least three prominent companies showcasing the little phone that could as a handheld controller. Crestron showed off an iPhone with HVAC, lighting and media control capabilities while Savant (no stranger to Apple’s architecture) demoed a similar iPhone interface. Savant added support for the “gesture” and “tilt” control sensors found on both the iPhone and iPod touch.

Runco announced they were dropping the Vidikron badge and moving forward with Runco and Planar only. Probably a good move but one has to wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to just let the brand fade away on its own rather than buying it a few years back, either way arrivederci Vidikron.

Oppo showed their BDP-S83 Blu-ray player which seems to be chock-full of features including Ethernet, 7.1 analog outs, Anchor Bay video processing and SACD playback. Blu-ray in general presented a strong showing but perhaps not as strong as one would have expected with HD DVD out of the picture, either way it’s nice to have that little chapter of CE clusterflop™ behind us.

This was by no means everything that went on at CEDIA this year, but I’m hoping you guys will throw out a few things you found interesting as well.

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