Own a Piece of Movie History, Good Buddy

April 8, 2009

banditOf all the cars used in movies, going back as far as I can remember (and admittedly my memory gets foggy around 74-75) the black Trans-Am(s) used in 1977’s ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ certainly rank among the most notable of notables. Well gear-heads here’s your chance to own a real piece of movie history, an *original “BAN ONE” is going up for auction on May 2nd.

The car has been in Burt Reynolds private collection since taking possession of it sometime in the early nineties and now it’s set to go up for auction for the very first time. The auction will take place in Houston Texas at the fifth annual “Houston Classic Auction”. I wouldn’t even speculate on what the car will go for but considering its notoriety and the fact it comes from Mr. Reynolds private collection I wouldn’t rule out six (or even seven) digit bids.

I imagine the folks who organize the “Bandit Run” would even let the winner take lead in the annual procession of Trans-Am’s, which retraces the route the Bandit and Snowman took in the film on their “beer run”. Interestingly enough the auction is a mere seven days before the Bandit Run 2009 takes off from Branson, Missouri on its way to Georgia.

(*) It’s unclear as to the actual pedigree of the car as it’s been reported that of the original five Trans-Am’s used in the movie, all but one was more or less destroyed during filming. The fact that Reynolds himself owned the car at one point gives it as much credibility toward an original Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am as we’ll likely see; short of unearthing and fully restoring one of the remaining four unaccounted for cars.

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