AVS HD709 HDTV Calibration Disc Review

December 1, 2012

Ever found yourself rummaging through a closet looking for a HDTV calibration disc? Ok maybe not an everyday occurrence, but that’s exactly what happened to me last Saturday when my shiny new Samsung UN46EH6000 (review in the works) arrived on my doorstep.

I’m not sure if I misplaced them, loaned them out or just didn’t turn over the right rock but I couldn’t find a calibration disc anywhere. Luckily, I recalled seeing some sort of downloadable calibration disc over at AVS Forum awhile back.

The AVS HD 709 disc is available as a free HDMV, AVCHD or MP4 download that can be burnt to a DVD or Blu-ray disc or just ran as a raw file in the case of the MP4. I chose the AVCHD version (roughly 600mb) and burned it to a single layer DVD-R which worked just fine in my Blu-ray player.

There are way too many sections of the disc to get into here and, to be quite honest, I’ve only had enough time to delve into a few sections myself, but it’s already evident this disc is a great tool for calibrating your home theaters display.

The basic settings section includes patterns for adjusting: Black-Level, White-Level, Color, Tint and Sharpness. Also, be sure to watch the video under “HDTV Calibration” as it’s a great introduction to basic calibration theory and good instruction on the specifics of the AVS HD709 disc itself.

You seasoned calibration veterans haven’t been left out either, there’s a full cadre of sections meant for taking measurements with a colorimeter or spectroradiometer, using software such as ColorHCFR, CalMAN, or ChromaPure.

The AVS HD 709 HDTV calibration disc is a versatile and valuable addition to any home theater system. The associated thread and PDF manual is a wealth of calibration information unto itself. Kudos to the team responsible for the discs creation and maintenance.

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