3-D Ready or Not, Here They Come

May 3, 2008

We’ve all heard of cable ready televisions and HD ready flat-panels but get ready to be assaulted err marketed with the term “3-D ready”. With Samsungs recent launch of their Series 4-450 3-D ready plasma television touted as the world’s first “3-D Ready Plasma HDTV”, you can bet this will be the first in a […]

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Mitsubishi’s 3D TV

March 7, 2007

We’ve spoken about 3D TV/Home Theater here before on occasion, and even though I’m not sufficiently convinced this is even something we’ll I’ll want, much less see in the next 10-15 years, it is interesting to follow the research and development end of things. Mitsubishi Electronics Research Labs have been quietly perfecting the technology of […]

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3D “virtual reality” television by 2020

August 22, 2005

I just love stories like this. Apparently Matsushita and Sony aren’t taking a break after years of research and engineering with high definition; both companies (among others) are already looking beyond HDTV and into the realm of 3D, ultra high resolution television. “The targeted “virtual reality” television would allow people to view high-definition images in […]

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InFocus – DepthQ 3D Video Projector

April 20, 2005

Years ago I remember seeing my first “3-D movie”. Oddly enough I can’t even remember it’s name, some sort of Treasure Hunt flick complete with all the hokey 3-D tricks that go into just such a movie. But what if 3-D moved beyond the red and blue paper glasses, into 10’ images with palpable depth […]

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