Goodbye Format War Hello Demographic War Paramount Goes HD DVD Exclusive

August 20, 2007

Owning both a Blu-ray and HD DVD player has afforded me something I never really factored-in at the onset, the little trivial ups and downs of the “format war” are pretty insignificant on a day to day basis when you can player either format at will. That’s not to say I don’t still keep up […]

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Review: Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD Blu-ray Player

August 3, 2007

Remember Phil? Maybe not, as I didn’t specifically name him last go-round, but he’s the friend of mine who purchased (and subsequently sold) the Sony BDP-S300 used in our review. Phil apparently wanted a bit more out of Blu-ray than the BDP-S300 had to offer and purchased a Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD, his financial folly is […]

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The Fifth Element on Blu-ray Remastered

July 21, 2007

Over the weekend we had some time to check out the recently remastered ‘The Fifth Element’ on Blu-ray, better late than never would certainly apply here. Yes the original release on Blu-ray drew criticism from many reviewers, Peter Bracke of Hi-Def Digest review of the remastered Fifth Element for a more detailed analysis. I’ll go […]

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A Blockbuster for Blu-ray

June 19, 2007

By now most of you have heard about Blockbuster’s decision to roll-out Blu-ray media in an additional 1450 stores across the nation. Without dissecting each individual quote, retort and tidbit of information gleaned from the multiple interview with CNBC Warren Lieberfarb former president of Warner Home Video, described it as a non-event and went on […]

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Review: Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player

June 13, 2007

A good friend of mine was kind enough to drop by and allow me to check out his new Sony BDP-S300 ($499) Blu-ray player. You know me, check out turned into a five and a half hour review. Sony’s BDP-S300 at $499 has sparked a fair amount of interest among those who have, thus far, […]

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My Choice in the Format War – One Year Later

April 7, 2007

The real question remains, how much are you willing to invest in the hardware to get the HD-disc ball rolling? Because with what would appear to be the second manufacturer entering into the dual-format player arena, its relatively safe to say that whether you buy your discs in blue cases or red cases, you’re in no danger of not being able to play them for years to come. This isn’t going to be decided anytime soon, if you’re interested in watching pre-recorded high definition movies at home, find a deal on a player and hop off the fence. Your eyes and ears will thank you, your wallet will forgive you.

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Rumors of a Dual-Format Player from Samsung Just Won’t Die

April 6, 2007

Just a few months after HD DVD’s launch we began hearing rumors that Samsung and LG were considering dual-format (Blu-ray and HD DVD) players, flash forward a few months later to CES 2007 and LG does indeed introduce a dual-format player, however Samsung’s supposed player was no where to be found. The common consensus was […]

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Format Wars: Red Herrings Abound

February 17, 2007

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve commented on the format war, new record? Seriously though this is getting crazier by the minute. By now you may have heard that Sony has claimed victory over HD DVD with Blu-ray, but per-usual any proclamation of victory may be a wee bit premature as a good chunk […]

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Interview: Ken Lowe of Sigma Designs

January 30, 2007

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to speak with Sigma Designs Ken Lowe (Sigma’s media processors can be found in Blu-ray players from Sony, Pioneer, and Panasonic) about his thoughts on Blu-ray and HD DVD. It was an impromptu interview but Ken had some interesting things to say on the subject so without further ado, […]

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Format Wars: Bold Claims

January 11, 2007

In an increasingly all too common occurrence, comments from members of the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) have overshadowed the actual products themselves. Bear with me, this is a bit convoluted but in the end; we may shed some light on where the two competing formats really stand. It all started back in October when the […]

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