First Images of LG’s Blu-ray – HD DVD player

January 7, 2007

It may not win any industrial design awards but it does qualify as the first stand-alone Blu-ray slash HD DVD player. More details can be found at Best Buy’s product page that’s right the retailer has already put up the preliminary details for LG’s (BH100) “Super Multi Blue Player”. The price you ask? $1,199.99, looks […]

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Format Wars: Dual Discs and Dual Players

January 4, 2007

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Before the first visitor to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show even hit the show-floor, we’ve had two significant announcements in the format war. Today, yesterday I suppose for you west-coasters, LG announced a dual-format HD player and shortly thereafter Warner Bros. announced that they would indeed go ahead […]

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Review: Sony PlayStation 3 (BD Playback)

January 1, 2007

I’ll bet that’s a post title some of you are a bit surprised to see here but as the months have progressed since HD DVD’s launch, it has become increasingly apparent we’re no closer to deciding on the next-generation optical disc format than the day(s) they were originally announced. Just after Christmas I found myself […]

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Interesting Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Comparison

December 31, 2006

Tek Jansen of Games Central has posted an interesting screen-shot and interactivity comparison of Blu-ray and HD DVD. Tek has grabbed screen captures from several different titles that are available on both formats. The results surprised me somewhat; not in that one was perceivably better/different than the other but in how they were different. For […]

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Blu-ray’s Big Day

November 17, 2006

So the PlayStation 3 launched today; that is if you call 150K to 200K consoles a real launch. Aside from relatively few PS3’s available at retailers, scaling issues reports of HDMI errors, a robbery a shooting and running face-first into a flag pole; everything went well. Ok, in all seriousness you had to expect me […]

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Format Wars: Even the Executives are Confused

November 13, 2006

It’s no wonder consumers are confused about the next-generation optical disc formats, it appears as if executives in charge of overseeing the production of next-gen video titles are as well. In a recent interview Peter Chernin (President and COO of News Corporation – Fox’s parent company) stated “Most of the HD-DVD players are at the […]

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Sony’s Blu-ray Player Delayed Yet Again

October 19, 2006

Sony’s BDP-S1 has been delayed, again, three times to be exact. (at least that’s my count) Originally scheduled for release on August 15th the player was then bumped back to October 25th and now Andy Parsons of Pioneer “player manufacturers are unlikely to be affected by a blue diode shortage because they are manufacturing […]

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Hollywood Insiders Second Guessing Blu-ray Support

October 18, 2006

Variety recently ran an article entitled “Pandora’s black box” which examines (among other things) how Sony and the ‘Blu-ray Disc Association’ pitched “millions of PS3’s” to the movie studios and ultimately won much of their support. The article goes on to examine some of those same executives expressing second thoughts on that support. “While some […]

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Samsung BD-P1000 Firmware Update Released

October 17, 2006

Samsung’s much maligned (unfairly in some cases) BD-P1000 Blu-ray player finally has a reported ad-nauseam that “the noise-reduction circuit in the player’s Genesis scaler chip was enabled, causing the picture to soften significantly.” Another possible fix in this firmware update could be the less mentioned but potentially more annoying DTS stuttering malady, first noticed with […]

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First Three 50GB Blu-ray Disc Titles

October 9, 2006

Four months ago I ruffled a few feathers with a post entitled ‘Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD Fact vs. Fiction’ in the post I argued against four misconceptions that seemed to be permeating among consumers and retailers alike, with regard to Blu-ray’s supposed superiority over HD DVD. Those points were ‘Blu-ray is superior because it supports 1080P’, […]

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