Blu-ray Review: Indecent Proposal

June 18, 2009

Plot: Strip away all the really, really good looking people (copyright Zoolander) and at its core, Indecent Proposal is a story of love, trust and ultimately regret. Take one young, attractive couple, mix in some financial problems, add a dash of aging billionaire playboy looking for love and you get the gist of the film; an indecent proposal indeed.

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Blu-ray Review: Pinocchio

June 9, 2009

“A lie keeps growing and growing, until it’s as plain as the nose on your face,” Evelyn Venable as the Blue Fairy. It was my intention to buy all the Disney classics on Blu-ray based solely on how good a job they did with ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Although I have to admit to being a little skeptical that another animated film could be as impressive as ‘Beauty’, but of course I’m more than willing to give it a go.

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Blu-ray Review: Doubt

May 28, 2009

Set in the sixties, Doubt takes place in a catholic parish in the Bronx, New York. The lead role is played Philip Seymore Hoffman who is compelling as always. From the first time “Donald” and “Father Flynn” met on-screen I felt myself cringing in fear of what might be depicted, a strong indicator of how well the groundwork had been laid for the events to come.

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Blu-ray Review: Dragons Lair II

May 19, 2009

The game opens with Daphne kidnapped by Mordrok once again and Dirk right behind them. Dragon’s Lair II Time Warp moves beyond the straight dungeons and dragons theme of the first installment and into themes as varied as Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the Garden of Eden, a performance by Ludwig van Beethoven and a tomb in ancient Egypt.

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Mini-Review: CoolerMaster Silent Pro M500 ATX Power Supply

April 27, 2009

As time marches on I find myself using my HTPC more and more and my other source equipment less and less. With that, I’ve wanted to address one of my systems biggest hardware shortcomings, the noise. Unlike off the shelf consumer electronics devices, HTPC’s aren’t necessarily as quiet as a DVD player, cable box or vacuum cleaner for that matter…

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Mini Review: Samsung LNT4065F 40″ 1080p LCD

June 7, 2008

The video really pushed the boundaries of what I would have assumed possible just a few short years ago, I honestly was beginning to wonder if detail like this was possible from consumer based displays, it clearly (no pun intended) is.

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Review: SyncTV (beta)

February 18, 2008

In the weeks since installing the software I believe I’ve caught a glimpse of the future and its one where physical and digitally distributed media can happily coexist.

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Review: Mediagate MG-350HD Wireless HD Media Player

September 26, 2007

Interested in a HTPC for media playback but not interested in the hassle associated with building and maintaining one? If so a networked media player (also called media receivers, streamers and a myriad of other things) may be just what the doctor ordered. These devices come in all shapes, sizes and feature-sets but for our […]

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Review: Aluratek 4-Port HDMI Video Switcher

August 13, 2007

They say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Well I have too many HDMI devices in my system but I’m not sure an intervention or 12 step program is going to help here, I just need a few more HDMI inputs, really I can stop anytime I want to… […]

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Review: Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD Blu-ray Player

August 3, 2007

Remember Phil? Maybe not, as I didn’t specifically name him last go-round, but he’s the friend of mine who purchased (and subsequently sold) the Sony BDP-S300 used in our review. Phil apparently wanted a bit more out of Blu-ray than the BDP-S300 had to offer and purchased a Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD, his financial folly is […]

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